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Our global approach means you have an overall view of the mechanisms available to finance your innovation and growth strategy. We can conduct a customised study for you so that you can maximise your finance options without any adverse effect on your strategic interests.

There are currently various options available to finance your research, development and innovation efforts, the principal ones being:

  • Research tax credit (CIR, in French)
  • Innovation tax credit (CII)
  • Young innovative enterprise status (JEI)

We can help you in your efforts to obtain finance in two distinct ways – by providing:

  • proven technical expertise, to ensure you can identify, promote and protect what is innovative about your company;
  • robust tax expertise, to ensure you make the most of all the mechanisms available to you.

Customised services

Our services are multiple and made-to-measure, and run from complete delegation to coaching and training.

Complete delegation to Capital High Tech :

  • Thorough investigation of eligible projects
  • Editing of supporting files and ruling requests
  • Financial valuation of expenses incurred
  • Help in submitting all files and requests to the tax authorities
  • Help in dealing with tax audits

Our consultants are involved in every aspect of the effort to obtain finance…

Basic services :

  • Eligibility audit
  • Help in editing supporting technical files
  • Help with financial valuation

Training/coaching of your teams in innovation financing :

Overview of available mechanisms: advantages/drawbacks of each mechanism, rules of aggregation and non-aggregation.

  • Identification of eligible activities and understanding of details
  • Training in how to do calculations, compile supporting files and deal with the rescript process
  • Training/coaching in tax audits: preparing for them, specific issues and the aftermath

Our training is designed specifically to meet the needs of your business…

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