Linking innovation to business models is challenging: you need to show you can be innovative without reinventing either the product or the market, all while bearing the end client’s needs in mind and dealing with many external constraints (legislation, data protection, climate, pollution, etc.)

Our services

For more than a decade, Capital High Tech has been developing new types of business models in which data-sharing and ownership play a key role.

We can help you:

  • set up new service offerings and associated business models
  • confirm that the market performance of these new models meets the expectations of potential clients
  • design your business development plan using these models.

To ensure we advise and guide you as appropriately as possible, we constantly monitor regulatory changes. Our proven expertise in very different sectors of activity allows us to adapt ideas from one sector to another.

Digital transformation is happening across all sectors

Examples of collaborative services:

Web platforms mean farmers can now connect to each other and share agricultural machinery and livestock vehicles. We see the same thing happening in the aeronautics sector, where such platforms can facilitate a connection between an aviation company and the nearest aircraft dismantling facility.

We have helped private and public players enter the transport sector with bike and car-sharing schemes. Outright ownership of vehicles could disappear. Before long, solutions providing access to a single mobility package (Mobility as a Service) will allow taxis, mountain bikes, rental vehicles and public-transport options to be hired easily.

The Internet of Things and satellite applications are opening up a whole range of opportunities in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

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