Capital High Tech’s “Market access strategies and studies” division brings together people from various areas of expertise and is founded on a solid academic base and considerable research experience.

The division’s mission is to support you in making strategic decisions regarding the launch of new products and services to market.

Our mission

To support your company’s strategic decision-making regarding the launch of new products and/or services to market.

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Our methods

Conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys to identify the behaviours, motivations, restraints and expectations of the players in your target market.

Using innovative study methods that are the result of continuous monitoring of developments in study tools.

Implementing protocols for collecting survey data via the web, emails, social networks (SphinxIQ, SurveyMonkey, etc.).

Implementing protocols for aggregating and visualising data using the latest tools, such as Tableau, and other cartography, mapping and data-visualisation software.

Using text-mining software to derive opinions within a product-test exercise. Such tools are indispensable to understanding verbatim data and optimising the information retrieved for our clients.

Our network

Over the last 15 years, Capital High Tech has built up a solid network of international experts whose opinion we solicit regularly to help us with the trickier issues.

These international experts cover the following markets:



Intelligent transport

Smart cities

Internet of Things


Factory of the future

Precision farming

Renewable energy …

Our advantages


Swift response :

  • A reply to your brief and full quote within one week
  • Launch meeting and interim reviews at your site(s)

Constantly at your service :

  • Regular telephone contact
  • Discussion of preliminary results and possible replanning of future steps

Innovative enterprises (start-ups, fledgling companies, SMEs, etc.): why carry out a market study?

Initial market studies are essential components of market access strategies.

They enable you to:

  • Determine the level of interest in the new product/service offering among target clients – both those that have been clearly identified and those completely unknown;
  • Evaluate potential business by pinpointing the actual and accessible market;
  • Measure precisely the potential demand for the new product/service.

But they also help you:

  • Adapt the style and substance of the product/service offering and its associated business model;
  • Map its upstream and downstream environments, including competitors and potential partners;
  • Position the offering such that it is seen as unique on the market, in the eyes of clients and in relation to direct and indirect competitors;
  • Identify key messages, routes of influence and distribution channels.

Our teams do so much more than simply costing the potential of your business: we stay with you all the way to finalising your offering and launching it into the market.

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