Capital High Tech’s philosophy is to: recognise, stimulate and power the innovations of tomorrow.

Our successes :

Since Capital High Tech was established in 2004, we have helped drive the innovations of more than 350 clients on to the European market.

We have built the research projects of many of the French beacons of the new economy – EASYMILE, SIGFOX, FEDD, SUNNA DESIGN, etc.

Every year, we raise a minimum of €50m in grants for our clients by engineering ambitious collaborative projects.

We have conducted numerous feasibility studies for regional clients or insitutional agencies, which have all resulted in real projects, creating thousands of jobs.

The Tipee platform in Lagord, near La Rochelle
The Compositadour platform in Bayonne

Our culture of “creators of innovation” moves us forward alongside YOU !

Our values :

Client satisfaction and value creation

Our priority: to offer the best advice and best service, so that we create real added value.

Our objective: to build a genuine and lasting relationship with you that will endure long after our contract comes to an end.


From the moment you bring us on board, we are fully committed to listening to your needs, respecting your deadlines and being there for you.


We will build a truly close relationship between our teams and yours.


We are always keen to work to new horizons and on new projects.

Confidentiality and professionalism

We share our tools and working methods with you to ensure a structured and suitably paced approach. Our results depend on a quality approach. Information gathered during the course of our work is treated in strict confidence and in accordance with professional rules of conduct.

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