Ecological issues, new challenges

Society is currently facing major ecological issues. We need to change the way we live our lives, as well as how we produce and consume things in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Circular-economy models seem to be one of the most promising ways we can limit our requirement for raw materials and reduce the impact of obtaining them.


But the multitude of emerging initiatives is raising new questions:

  • What is the new value chain that needs to be implemented?
  • How can added value created within this new chain be redistributed?
  • How can we ensure a sustainable business model is in place?
  • Which sector offers the best opportunity for a market launch?

Capital High Tech can help you respond to these new challenges and determine the business models of the future, so that the ecological transition can go from being an ideal to the real deal.

Capital High Tech at the service of eco-innovation

Energy production is a cornerstone of our society and therefore, perhaps, a major area of opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint. But although many solutions for producing renewable energy have been suggested, few have succeeded in raising the finance necessary to scale up or constitute a sustainable business model.


Obtain financing for a proof of concept under real conditions, or scaling up.

Mobilise the players in the value chain to come up with a new, innovative solution

Implement commercial strategies to quickly capture the largest share of the market


More generally, eco-innovation is a requirement in all sectors, from construction to logistics, via aeronautics. Based on the experience we have gained through our involvement in a great many eco-innovation projects, Capital High Tech can help you respond to the various challenges posed by the new eco-systems and value chains, new business models and redistribution methods, and raise the finance you need for your eco-innovation projects.

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