Digital transformation is an issue that no business operating today can afford to ignore. New technologies have introduced a multitude of challenges: restructuring of value chains, changes in the client relationship, tighter production and delivery deadlines, the data economy, servicisation of the economy, new production methods, etc.

The digital innovations brought about by this transformation need to be seen as opportunities to re-evaluate your strategy for growth and innovation!

We will help you create your digital innovation strategy and rework your business model.

In these days of internet and smartphones, it has become impossible to sell a product without knowing who your clients are and understanding the environment in which they are operating. The data economy, the possibilities offered by servicisation and new methods of prototyping are forcing everyone to thoroughly re-evaluate their production approaches and the nature of their relationships with clients.

But the digital innovations brought about by this digital transformation really need to be seen as a wealth of opportunity!

Your project, our expertise :

Based on its considerable experience in innovation management, Capital High Tech truly believes that digital transformation is, first and foremost, about creativity and innovation. Digital transformation implies a process of co-development, in which all those involved, including the client, should be invited to share their ideas.


Capital High Tech can support your company’s digital innovation project by providing expert advice on topics such as the user experience, the client relationship and new business models. We can redesign your business model to adapt what you do to the new ways. Our methodological tools will allow you to appreciate fully the added value digital can bring to your value proposition.

We can :

Thoroughly analyse your business, identify change levers and determine priority projects to ensure a successful transformation.

Identify solutions that are most relevant and familiarise your team with the concepts and key applications of digital, by organising working groups and creative workshops.

Identify contractors who can help implement the recommended solutions.

Draft the route map for your company’s digital transformation.

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