At Capital High Tech, we help project managers and SME owners develop their business strategy by providing coaching and training, and by supporting them in the implementation of their innovation policy.

Our approach to improving competitiveness is based on three principles :

  • Acting as a confidante to the business manager so they no longer feel isolated, listening to their concerns and ambitions, steering them towards the future.
  • • Providing an external view of the project, offering targeted expertise based on identified needs, strengthening the company’s potential for innovation.
  • Sourcing financial support for the company via our professional networks.

With a methodology perfected over 15 years working with SMEs, our consultants’ experience and our combined expertise, we aim to offer the same high added value as the big, national consultancies but with the bonuses of proximity and favourable rates that our structure allows.

The way we work is built around two actions :
« Developing the business strategy »
« Progressing innovative projects ».

Ensuring a business has a sound strategy for improving its competitiveness is a necessity and devising one is an art. The business director must devote 10% of their time to it, to be divided equally between reflection on and execution of the strategy. We offer two types of support :

Diagnostics and business strategy formulation :

  • SBA (Strategic Business Area) identification
  • Competition analysis
  • Client and product segmentation
  • Open-innovation and digital-transformation assessment
  • Strategic offer outline
  • Economic modelling
  • Business positioning decision

Plan for implementing the business strategy :

  • Three-year business plan and objectives
  • Operational prioritisation
  • Roadmaps by area
  • Strengthening open-innovation efforts
  • Reorganisation, if necessary
  • Internal/external communication

Such plans of action can help focus efforts to raise funds, grow externally, improve export capacity and develop new products. Our deliverables consolidate ideas and formalise the roadmap. They become the basis of the business strategy, with dedicated and customisable tools, such as economic modelling, which can be updated on a rolling basis.


Progressing innovative projects

An innovative project is essentially where a team, an idea and a market come together. These are the three vital components of a sustainable project following a market-pull or technology-push approach.

The second success criterion is a favourable time to market, which takes into account market maturity, regulations and competition.

Our methodology comprises four basic steps:

Formulation, feasibility study, development and launch to market.

We begin with an assessment, shared with the project manager and resulting in the agreement of objectives, timing and total budget required.

We continue by determining 5 streams for simultaneous development:

  • Marketing & commercial
  • Technical (state of the art, description of product terminology and range)
  • Legal (mastering intellectual-property issues and client and supplier contracts)
  • Economic (funding requirements, sources of finance, business plan, project budget management)
  • Organisational (team composition and partnerships).

We have found that the project manager often copes well with the streams that correspond to his or her own areas of interest and ability. Therefore, we concentrate on the other streams, always with a focus on multiple sources of funding.

Expertise gained by working with clients and partners :

We have consolidated our expertise through the many cycles of training we have provided for our business clients or academic partners.

Our references include :

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